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LEGO City Corner

Lego City Corner Set

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There is a lot of activity at the Lego City Corner. The bus is coming, the pizza is baking, and the boy is riding the skateboard of his dreams. With 483 pieces, the Lego City Corner will give your child the chance to construct an entire street corner that includes a three-story pizza parlor, a movable city bus, and a skateboard shop. The Lego City Corner includes many small pieces and is recommended for kids ages five and older.

LEGO City Fire Truck

Lego City Fire Truck

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There's a fire in LEGO City, but never fear, the fire truck is on its way. The brave firefighters use all their gear to battle the flames and save the day. Raise and lower the ladder to fight the fire, and choose from an assortment of firefighting tools. Includes 3 firefighter figures and 214 LEGO building pieces.

LEGO City Police Helicopter

Lego City Police Helicopter

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A LEGO Legend returns! Inspired by the legendary #6090 Royal King's Castle, the all-new Royal King's Castle rises majestically over the kingdom. From the royal throne room to the wizard's magical laboratory, this is one of the biggest and best LEGO Castles ever! Discover the hidden treasure chest and protect the castle from attackers with catapults and traps...but make sure they don't find the secret entrance!

LEGO City Firefighter

Lego City Firefighter

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There's a fire in Lego City! Good thing the brave firefighter is here with his extinguisher and all the equipment he'll need to put out the blaze.

LEGO City House

Lego City House

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Weather is very nice in Lego City and all the family is having exhilarating fun in their home. The dog scampers wildly in the garden, while the small boy rides his skateboard and climbs the treehouse located in the tree. Contains 3 minifigures and numerous details: a barbecue, a post box, a floor lamp, and more.

LEGO City Harbour Marina

Lego City Harbour Marina

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Enjoy all the pleasures that the exciting marina has to offer! As the lifeguard keeps watch from the lookout tower, take to the water on the windsurfer and dinghy, ride the quad bike across the sand dunes, visit the surfer shop and relax at the paradise caf.

LEGO City Police Boat

Lego City Police Boat

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To serve and protect. Keep your ports safe with the new Lego Police Boat!

LEGO City Space Center

Lego City Space Center

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Blast off with the 494-piece LEGO City Space Center. Designed for children ages 6 to 12, this space-themed set will stretch imaginations to the outer limits. Prep the astronaut for launch, fuel the rocket and adjust the engines, get mission control ready, and then activate the elevator to load the astronaut into the cockpit. Start the countdown for sending this adventurous crew into space!

LEGO City 4204 The Mine

Lego City Mine

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The Mine is a busy place, full of miners digging for gold. Break up the rock with the big drilling machine and transport it out of the mine with the train. Then load it onto the conveyer belt with the crane and haul it away with the truck. There's even a safe to keep the gold inside. Help the miners find even more gold by blasting with the dynamite. Includes 4 minifigures: crew chief, crane driver, driller and truck driver.

LEGO City 4201 Loader and Tipper

Lego City Loader and Tipper

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Mining for gold is hard work. Luckily the miners have the Loader and Tipper to help transport the big rocks from the gold mines. Help them use the dynamite and hatchet to find the hidden gold. Includes 2 miner minifigures.

LEGO City 4203 Excavator Transport

Lego City Excavator Transport

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When the heavy work really starts, it's time for the mighty Excavator. Unload it from the Transport Truck, fasten the drill and start breaking through the rock. Then switch the drill attachment for the bucket to scoop up even the biggest rocks. Includes 2 miner minifigures.

LEGO City Police Station

Lego City Police Station

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Stop the prisoners from escaping the police station through the pipe drain! They wont get far on foot. Use the police car to chase them down and transport them back to prison in the police van. Help keep Lego City safe with this feature-packed set! Set includes police car, prisoner transport van, and bicycle.

LEGO City Mobile Police Unit

Lego City Mobile Police Unit

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Move the LEGO City Mobile Police Unit right into the action! As the detective monitors the control center, he alerts the police officer that the robber is escaping in a sports car with a bar of gold. Chase him down on the police motorcycle and put him in the mobile stations prison! Includes 3 minifigures 2 police officers and 1 robber. Features 3 vehicles Mobile Police Unit, red sports car and police motorcycle. Minifigure accessories include handcuffs, flashlight, magnifying glass and gold brick.

LEGO Community
Miniature Figure Set

Lego Community Minature Sigure Set

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This LEGO set features indispensible people from everyday life in the community, such as policemen, a postman, hospital staff, a mechanic and many more. Includes 22 minifigures, plus a variety of accessories, such as food, animals, a laptop, a bicycle and a backpack. 256 pieces.

LEGO City Police Motorcycle

Lego City Police Motorcycle

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Patrol the streets of Lego City! Help keep the streets of Lego City safe! The police officer travels around on his motorcycle, keeping an eye out for crooks, speeders and people in trouble. What will be his next adventure?

Police Minifigure Collection

Lego City Police Minifigure Collection

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Caught stealing money from the ATM machine, the 2 robbers try to escape the police on foot. The police need the help of the trusty police dog and ATV to catch them and put them behind bars! Includes 4 minifigures: 2 police officers and 2 robbers. Features ATM machine, quad bike, police dog, handcuffs, money sack, money brick and flashlight. 57 elements.

LEGO City Camper

Lego City Camper

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It's vacation time! Pack up the camper with everything you'll need for your trip including a surfboard, bike and grill. Adventure and the open road await!

Includes 2 minifigures (male/ female), bicycle, surfboard and more! Features details like kitchen and sleeping area! Open the camper to play inside! Camper measures 5 inches long by 3 inches tall!

LEGO City Boat Transporter

Lego City Boat Transporter

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Get ready to launch the power boat! One of the drivers has parked the power boat transporter by the harbor dock and is ready to launch its speedy vessel into the water. Once its in the water, put on your lifejacket, climb onboard and get ready to cruise the high seas!

LEGO City Town Dirt Bike Transporter 4433

Lego City Dirt Bike Transporter

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Product Features:

Includes 2 racer minifigures. Features dirt bike transporter and trailer with 2 cool dirt bikes. Trailer features flip-down ramps, tools, extra tire, cap and helmet.Flags also included. Dirt bike transporter with trailer measures over 11" (29cm) long.

LEGO City:
Cargo Train Deluxe Set

Lego City Cargo Train Deluxe Set

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This deluxe train set has everything you need for awesome railroad adventures! The infrared remote control operates on three different channels at seven different speeds, and even has a real working horn. Full track includes 20 curved track pieces, eight straight track pieces and two switching rails. Complete train features engine with working headlights, cargo wagon, caboose, crane car and flatbed car. There's even a roadster, truck and forklift, all with working parts!

LEGO City 4202 Mining Truck

Lego City Mining Truck

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Big jobs call for big vehicles and heroes. The mighty Mining Truck was made for big building adventure. Load up the Mining Truck with rocks, transport the load out of the mine, set the dynamite charge and blast for the hidden gold. Includes miner minifigure.


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