Monopoly Board Game Tokens


Monopoly Game Cat Token

Cat Token

When playing the monopoly Board game each player is represented by a small metal token that is moved around the board according to the roll of two dice.

Monopoly's metal tokens originated when Charls Darrow's niece suggested using charms from a charm bracelet as tokens. Tokens included a battleship, an iron, a race car, a Scottie dog, a shoe, a thimble, a top hat and a wheelbarrow.

In February 2013, based on a fan vote on Facebook, Hasbro replaced the iron token with a cat.

In March 2017, based on more fan voting, Hasbro replaced three more tokens. The shoe, the thimble and the wheelbarrow were replaced with a T. rex, a penquin and a duck.

Monopoly Game New Tokens

New Tokens

The Scottie dog, top hat, the roadster car and the battleship are still there. All the tokens are shown in the image below.

Monopoly Game Tokens

Monopoly Game Tokens


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